J. Guleria

I can sum up my experience with David with something I said to him during our last meeting. Rather than saying thanks for finding me a great apartment I said, somewhat awkwardly, Um so could we be friends in real life even though I signed for an apartment. That is how awesome David is-he works incredibly hard, is very kind, extremely patient and by the end of it, you legitimately want to stay friends. Below I will describe the details. In terms of my apartment finding experience, David did a perfect job. I found my dream apartment that had all the things I was looking for. David really listens and does his best to find what you really want down to the minute details. He doesn’t try to sway you from things you truly don’t want to compromise on. He found me a beautiful apartment, in the location I wanted, that really fit my personality and I love it! Before I go into further detail, I want to note that I am extremely picky. My friends will not go shopping with me because I am utterly indecisive and constantly change my mind. There were many times in the process where I thought David would throw his hands up in the air and quit because of how indecisive I was. But he never did! Instead, he would say let’s get on a call and we would talk thru my options and the pros and cons of the apartments was looking into. I never felt pressured to rent anything. Rather, I just felt that I received good clarity from our conversations. It almost felt like a therapy session because he would get to the root of why or why not I was interested in signing for an apartment and what was stopping me. There were multiple times where he went back to the drawing board to find more listings because I was just that picky. I don’t recommend being as picky as me because it’s a bit silly, but I will say I don’t know any other broker or person really who would be able to deal with my indecisiveness as patiently as David did! Adjectives to describe my experience working with David. Surprising, amazing, fun, and truly delightful. Surprising, It was surprising because living in Manhattan for the past 10 years I have never met a broker who wasn’t trying to trick me into thinking my budget would only afford so much. Either that or I met brokers who just couldn’t be bothered with cultivating a relationship with their clients. David’s client relationship-building skills are unlike any I have ever seen. He asks you what you want, your budget and he really does everything in his power to find you this within what’s realistic. Amazing, When I started looking for apartments by myself I was discouraged because I wasn’t finding things that fit my very specific requirements, along with my budget. I tried working with some other person initially and he rudely told me my expectations were too high and it was impossible. I almost threw in the towel and stayed in my current apt, but then I happened to walk by David’s office and figured I would give someone new a chance! What luck! David assured me I could find something I loved with the budget I had and got to work finding apartment after apartment that fit my needs and wants. Fun, David is just fun. I’ve never had a broker work so hard and simultaneously be so nice and fun. Whenever I get overwhelmed, he talked me thru things and gave me the information I needed to come to a good decision. Delightful, It was a delightful experience for all the reasons above and for the fact that I ended up signing for an awesome apartment, in the neighborhood I wanted, that I love! Any and all questions were answered by David clearly and happily. I want to also say that after the whole process was done-a a part of my cynical New York self assumed I wouldn’t hear from or see David again. It made me a little sad, to be honest. However, the day I moved into my apt, as I was unpacking, I heard a knock on my door. There was David, To wish me well on my move, see how I was doing, and even to bring me an apartment warming gift. Honestly, if you want someone extremely genuine, kind, super smart, very very connected in terms of what’s out there on the market for rentals and buys, and very dedicated to finding you your dream home, within your budget. David is the one for you! I can’t say enough good things about him and have already raved about him to every single person I know who is looking for a new home and apartment. If you searched for a broker and found him consider yourself very very lucky and know that you are well on your way to finding your dream home.

David Ben

In a city of over 50,000 real estate brokers, I am could not be more grateful and happier to have found David Berger. Our first meeting was never a sales pitch or being forced to view properties, rather he took the time to get to know me as a person. He wanted to gain a better understanding of the type of building, area of town, and environment I could thrive in. He then took the time to help me develop my requirements, my wants, and what I could be willing to concede on to not make his job easier but to ease my frustration that comes with finding a new home. In the middle of my search, I had to unexpectedly travel for 3 months with infrequent returns back to New York City. And unfortunately, my return coincided with when I needed to move into my new home. In the midst of what should have been my panic of finding a home while being away, David took it upon himself to take on the burden. Through all my travels and various time zones, David Facetimed me at properties, held conference calls with me, and really took the time to look at properties as if it was me there. When I returned to the city, he had only amazing properties for me to choose from and make my offer. When it came to negotiating and signing, David was firm but effective, and in the end, ensured my needs were met. He ensured the closing process was simple enough for me. Afterward, he followed up with me to ensure I was happy in my new home and offered assistance where he could. There are so many shark realtors in New York City. Even as a buyer’s agent, these brokers are swift, with minimal effort and care, maximum pressure to offer and close a deal quickly, and move on to their next victim. David is the best agent and friend a person can ask to represent them during any transaction. He is kind, caring, loyal, and makes what could be a daunting experience, easy and comfortable. He truly cares that you are happy not only today but for years to come. If you want a truly caring, trustworthy, and loyal broker, look no further than David Berger.

Tom Dale

David is knowledgeable, reliable, tech-savvy, and a consummate professional. More importantly, he's one of those rare people that emanates genuine kindness and warmth. More than just an agent, David became a trusted friend who helped us navigate the overwhelming process of buying our first New York City condo. As first-time buyers, we didn't have a good sense of what we wanted or what we could afford. David patiently showed us many different properties without a hint of pressure to make an offer on something we didn't love. The place we fell in love with was slightly over our budget. David went through several rounds of negotiations on our behalf and helped bring the sellers around to accepting a price lower than a list. Throughout the entire process, David was proactive, thorough, and data-driven. If David said he would take care of something, I knew it was off my plate and I didn't need to worry about it falling through the cracks. I don't know when he sleeps, because he would reply to emails within minutes at all hours of the day. The bottom line is that David understands the value of investing in relationships and treats even inexperienced buyers with patience, respect and kindness. When there's this much money is on the line, you want someone competent, experienced, and reliable handling the details for you. When we buy our next property, you better believe we'll be doing it with David. I can't recommend him more highly.

Julian Watre

David is a highly competent agent who was always available to assist in the purchase of our home in New York City. He does not spare any efforts in helping find the perfect apartment that corresponds exactly to what you are looking for. Living in Europe, David selected apartments and organized many visits, spending a lot of time with us traveling around the village and Chelsea neighborhoods. David seemed very comfortable with dealing with international clientele, as his communication skills are superior which complemented his vast knowledge of the real estate market. The three main qualities of David that I want to emphasize are 100% involvement in your research by completing a large number of steps to submit only relevant proposals. Efficient and great honesty, At no time, did I feel pressured to buy a property and all steps were clear and transparent. An incredible after-sales service. David has made many steps after the signing of the closing, moving, deliveries, telephone, internet and etc. I highly recommend David he truly is the best.

Vipul Guddoo | Seller & Buyer

David was the best broker I've ever worked with as he is truly a stellar professional - his approach to helping me sell my home for top dollar and also help me find my now perfect new home was with sound knowledge, care, and his heart - not just as another deal. David represented me but also vetted only qualified buyers and I must say that David navigated the entire situation wonderfully or professionally. I truly felt like he had my best interests at heart during both the sale and purchase. David was very responsive, extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with. He even connected me with the best architect, contractor, and interior designer I've ever met. It was a true delight to work with him and I wish that every broker I worked with previously could take a page out of his book. Stop wasting your time with other brokers, you have found the best in class real estate agent! I will recommend David to anyone looking to sell or buy a piece of New York City real estate. I will always use David for all my real estate needs!

A ZW Ying

David is very knowledgeable and helped me tremendously as a first-time home buyer! David started off by patiently showing me many homes in my preferred location, all within my price range. He worked with my schedule, and never pressured me. He truly listened to what I wanted and provided honest feedback for each location until I chose my home. After I chose my home, David was indispensable. The buying process in Manhattan is unique, and the co-op process is long and arduous. David walked me through every step of the process, and meticulously put together the co-op application board package, including the application itself, all the necessary backup financial statements, and everything else they wanted, including letters of recommendation. As the process evolved, David was still engaged and provided regular updates. In the end, everything went smoothly, and he reassured me through the process and assuaged any fears I had. Highly recommend David.

Work With David

With an amiable personality and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, David Berger is the ideal New York City real estate representative.

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